Magic Singles Collection

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$110,000 OBO

The collection is approximately 1.6 million MTG Singles.

These cards are sorted into three categories, from a system we’ve developed to efficiently sort, retrieve, and sell cards. The 3 categories are: Storefront, Overflow and Bulk. The downloadable list is the Storefront amount. These cards are stored upstairs behind the counter, in the cabinets across from the glass display cases, and the safe. All cards are sorted by set, then alphabetically. Due to the limitation of space in the storefront, we try to keep only a limited amount of each card in the storefront area. Rares are limited to 20, Uncommons are limited to 24, and Commons to 30. 509,015 cards are in the storefront collection as of 10/15/17.

The rest of the 1.1 million MTG singles are either in Bulk or Overflow. Using our data of sales over the last 11 years, we have filtered through cards that are not desired as singles to sell in Bulk.

The Overflow is comprised of sought-after cards that could not physically fit into our upstairs retail space. This collection is still sorted by set and alphabetically allowing easy restocking of the storefront. This was akin to a retail warehouse that most stores have. This is the largest portion of value of the collection. The hours of work put into the sorting and filtering will make this collection instantly usable.

Download a list of the Storefront cards: HERE