A Letter From Matthew Fay

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At its core, Yottaquest is made up of the Fay Family, but our lives have changed and it's time for us to say goodbye. We will be closing the Yottaquest storefront at the end of the summer. Over these 11 years, we have poured our hearts into our store, products, and events. You've seen us grow as people as well as a company. I am so glad that I have met all of you and have seen you grow as well. We want to thank all those who had worked for us, supported us and volunteered for us. I have started a new adventure; I enrolled full-time at Xavier University starting this fall. I have felt a calling to study Theology. Over the years my children, Matthew, Korey, and Reba, have felt callings and left Yottaquest and continued their adventures elsewhere. Our last day of storefront operations will be August 13th, 2015.


I thought Yottaquest was doing great?


                Yottaquest is still a profitable business, but the family wants to do other things.


Are you trying to sell the business?


                Yottaquest is too important to the Fay family. It is not for sale.


Are you selling the customer base or my data?


                Yottaquest has not and will not sell any personal or business information we have collected.


Thanks for gaming with us.


Matthew M. Fay